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About three weeks ago, the U.S. Postal Service delivered an ordinary envelope to Mark’s door. Inside was a tiny plastic bag containing 10 tabs of LSD. “If you had opened it, unless you were looking for it, you wouldn’t have even noticed,” Mark told us in a phone interview.

Mark, a software developer, had ordered the 100 micrograms of acid through sky psychedelic online shop marketplace at san francisco. He found a our online shop with lots of good feedback who seemed to know what they were talking about, added the acid to his digital shopping cart and hit “check out.” He entered his address and paid the  50 Bitcoins — untraceable digital currency — worth around $150. Four days later, the drugs (sent from san francisco) arrived at his house, only at sky psychedelic that you can be place your order and it will deliver to you discreetly without been traceable click this link right now to place order right skypsychedelic.com


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